Is the Red Cross babysitting course helpful? Or is it not really worth the $85?

So, before my mom will let me babysit my cousins, siblings and my aunt's friends' kids, she says I need to take a babysitting course. I have been looking up babysitting courses for a couple days and I found the Red Cross one and its the best one Ive seen, so I'm going to use my own money to enroll me in the upcoming class.

But now, I'm starting to wonder what it'll really be all about? Is it helpful? It the stuff they teach easy to remember? Or is it not really helpful and I'll be better off using another place?

Anyone who has gone to any kind of babysitting course, please help!! I have over 15 cousins and most of them are younger than the age of 10, so I'd mostly watch them if my aunts and uncles have to go somewhere!

Oh, and I would also like to know if, after completing the class, I get something to prove I've done it. Because, knowing my family, they won't believe me unless I have proof! :\

Thankies in advance!! •.<

(BTW, I'm 13, a girl and I'm wondering if you'd let someone like my babysit your kid(s) (if you have any, if not, make some up :P)?)

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I did it when I was 11 and it was AMAZING

Every class is different and I'm not sure how your experience will be though

It stated at around 10 or 11, so not too early or late. We went over some things such as feeding, how to hold a baby, how to change a baby (diaper and clothes), and watched information videos. Because mine was in NYC (I live there), we were given an hour to go wherever for lunch, which was very cool. After the lunch break, we did emergency training. We learned different techniques for emergencies, how to do CPR on a baby and child, and just basic medical training while waiting for an ambulance.

You will get a certificate on the spot, unless (like my mom did) mess up your name and put hers instead. If anything like that happens, they will correct it and email you.

The course was around 5 hours long and now I'm 13 and remember everything they taught. I recommend anyone who wants to babysit take the class. I thought I was a good babysitter until I took that class

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I'd never heard of it and I'm a old guy anyway. After hearing Arielle tell of her experience though - there are some courses that aren't worth taking, and some that are the real deal, which it sounds like this is, from the story. I'm just saying that you should get two things - you'll get the knowledge, which is most important, and then you'll also be "a certified babysitter". Meaning that if it comes down to who gets the job, it will be you, because of that. Sounds like a good investment in the future, babysitting wise.

by John D - 1 year ago