Anyone know how to fill out this Paypal form?

I need to know how to fill it out when you don't even know the locations.

Here's the link to the pic:

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You need to check what the rates ARE first, which means going to the US Postal rate calculation site. You'll need to know the weight (approximately) of the box, the zip code you're in, the zip code you're sending it to (just pick any for that state, it doesn't need to be specific because you're only looking for the zone it's going to or coming from) and the way you wanted it sent (priority, first class, etc.) If you don't know the state, pick the farthest one from you (not Alaska or Hawaii) and use a zip code from that.

To get that info go over to the USPS site here and plug in the basic info --
For 'destination' on that first drop down box use the scroll to go UP, USA is above the Abu Dhabi country line.

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