Money to use them?

I got some money and right now, i don't know what would be the priority in their use.I have 3 thing i wish for. 1.To go visit my dentist and fix me some teeth..this also can wait 2.To go visit my school, get interested in exams, get a contact in that city..this can wait allthough. 3.To buy a watch, very special and make a present or keep it to's very dear to me..can't wait, but this might sell until them.I can't decide, help me please?

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Get teeth fixed.
from a reality point, will increase your comfort with u.
will increase your ability to get jobs.
can't be stolen like watch.
will help in your health (future).

a good smile is worth 100,000s$.


1 year ago

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The watch can wait. If you get some education, then you will make more money, and then you can both get a watch and visit the dentist. Do the one thing that will help you make more money.

They will always make more watches. Don't worry about this one being sold, there are plenty more.

Get the education: go to your #2 choice.

by Katherine W - 1 year ago