is amway a scam, I just got a job offer wanting to make sure...?

I was scammed by Kirby so I want to make sure this is not a scam...

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I tried it for 2 years and didn't make a dime. it is not a scam, but it is a hard business.

1 year ago

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It depends on how you define "Scam".

Is it legal? Yes, absolutely.

Will you make any money? No, probably not. A vast majority of people (99.99%) who join Amway end up losing money.

Like any MLM, you only get paid if you sell product or recruit others under you. Amway has been around since the 50s so almost everyone has heard of it and has been approached by someone to join. Your friends and family will start avoiding you and people will literally jump out of windows to get away from you. Good luck.

by Wayne Z - 1 year ago

Hmmmm. I always wonder about people who pull statistics out of their ass and expect that to make them sound intelligent.

I wonder where that 99.9% figure came from. Where did it come from? Hmmmm?

Where? Did you make it up?

Did you pull it out of your ass? Why?

by mrreliable3599 - 1 year ago

it's a direct sales company and you have to buy the products upfront then try to convince people you know to buy expensive products from you. How much you'll make depends how many people you can get to buy your products and keep buying from you.

by Kittysue - 1 year ago

Not really a scam but next to impossible to make any money. Just like Kirby you have to convince people to buy products that cost way more than they would cost in a retail store.

by Ima QT - 1 year ago

kirby wasn't a scam its just not a good job as its hard to find someone to buy a $1200 plus vacuum especially when you can get a dyson for like $600. there are people who do very well selling kirby like six figures but its like one in a thousand.

as for amway again a small percent of people will do well but its really just selling overpriced marked up products to your friends and family and pocketing the extra money they are paying over grocery store prices.

by Social - 1 year ago