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    Why am I getting charged on eBay? (10pts)?

    I recently sold a few items on ebay, about 4 things for about $15 each. When I listed them there was a promotion stating that selling was free on eBay mobile so that's what I did. When I was posting my items it still showed free next to everything. I know that charge a selling fee after the item is sold, but that was deducted from the sale. For example instead of getting the $15 I charged for the item I would only get $13.50 or so. But now I have an invoice saying I owe $5? I know that's not much but I still don't want to pay money I don't owe.
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    Both PayPal and eBay charge fees. eBay charges listing fees (free in this case) and a final value fee which is a percentage of the sale. This is charged as a total monthly, you get the bill the month after. PayPal also charges fees if your buyer pays that way. They take their fee before they give you the money. They charge 35cents plus 2.9% of the sale price. All the fees add up, especially if your items are each a low price. These fees have always existed and are clearly outlined in the information pages.
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    • Either you forgot about the Paypal payment fees or you did not factor in the shipping cost per item in your fees.

      by Flower - 7 hours ago

    • The listing fee was waived but the FVF of 9% on the item plus 9% of the s/h if applicable. Plus paypal gets 2.9%. Your ebay invoice itemizes the fees & you should be able to see what they are applied to.

      by krn001 - 7 hours ago

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