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    How should I start babysitting?

    I'm 13 and I live in Sugar Land, a small suburb just off Houston. It's a pretty nice place. Anyways, I really want to start babysitting, but I don't know how to get started. We have family friends with two young kids, and a neighbor across the street with a three year old. Both of them have mentioned me babysitting the kids, but just in passing. How should I approach them about babysitting? Also, we don't know many other families with young kids, so how should I expand so that I can babysit other kids?? P.S I don't plan on sitting kids under three, at least not until later when I'm older, if that helps.
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    @unknown person She's 13 what other kind of job will she get.. Just saying And Elizabeth possibly getting your first aid like emergency first aid, because that would probably make a huge difference. Just bring it up with them, say something like hi Im looking to get started in babysitting, I would really love to babysit (kids name) sometime, I am in the process of getting my first aid. Or if you guys need someone to keep the kids occupied while they have work to do, that would be a good idea as well!
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    • First you need to prepare to yourself. It means that you need to be very patient when you are doing that thing cause we all know that most kids love to play a lot. You need to ask some tips regarding babysitting from your mother cause she is the best reference when it comes to that matter. After that, you can now start approaching your neighbor for that work.

      by Jude - 10 hours ago

    • Babysitting is a good job for some fast cash, and if you wanted to you could be a nanny a make a career out of it. 1. make sure you know what babysitting is; research do's and don't's 2. transportation: how will you get to someones house to babysit their kids; or use your own house. 3. research your market- who needs a babysitter 4. advertise- let people know you are willing to babysit 5. set your rates for payment- demographic varies

      by Mike - 10 hours ago

    • Check and see if by law you're allowed to work at 13, and then you'd need to know how to take care of kids so did you have a baby brother or sister you took care of? You have to be a responsible person, be able to anticipate what could occur and how to handle it so if you don't know you'd best ask your mother. You could babysit in your home the first time so your mom could watch what you do and how you respond. When she feels you're ready then you can babysit at someone's home but you need to know the family well. You can't babysit for just strangers. So you're asking how to expand, well maybe you'd have to start a business selling a product instead.

      by sophieb - 10 hours ago

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