Scammed and unsure what to do!?

I bought mac fluidline gel eyeliner on amazon and i thought it was real at first. when i got it, it didnt look like the same type of gel fluidline eyeliner i got before. then i looked on websites online stating fake mac eyeliners and it matched all of the things it needed to be not to be real and im not sure what to do about it because i am very upset about this. what should i do?

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If you bought it on Amazon, then report the fake item to Amazon. They'll give you a refund and get their money back from the seller.

1 year ago

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Lesson learned: The internet is out to scam you.
Everyone has to learn this lesson once.
From now on, go to stores to buy what you need, or order it from the real website.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

did you charge to your credit card or paypal? contact them or find out the return policy.

by Jane Robinson - 1 year ago

throw it away, give them a bad review. never shop there again
don't wear it either, its probably very low quality ingredients,and you are putting it on your face

by liltammy1988 - 1 year ago