how do I start my own ice cream buissness?

im only 18 years old im in college for forensic science (first year) in the summer id like to get an ice cream cart and start my buissness with ice cream then when i have enough money i would like to open a ice cream shop. but im only 18 does this affect anything? can i be 18 and own a shop? id like to own a shop that way im making money while i finish college know what im sayin? i know i have to pay for stuff but i have a couple g's now from past jobs i think i should start off with a cart in the summer anyways :) for help links would be great! and advice tooo thanks let me know

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I think you'll make more profit from the cart than a store - much less overhead.

1 year ago

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GO work in a few stores a few years to learn
the trade so u do not lose all your money
and have to quit school to pay for all your
'business' debts.

visit library to learn so u don't burn yourself.


by Rob - 1 year ago