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    Help with usps package please?

    HI just bought something from ebay and package does say it was scent and has a tracking number but nothing been updated. Just electronic info is the only update. I bought it on Saturday, seller shipped it on Sunday so i know it should have been picked up by Monday. Well its now Friday 1/18/13 and I still don't have it or not update on the package and its first class mail. I've had first class mail before were they updated it and normally gets to my house on the 3rd or so. Our mail is on hold cause it got knocked down but my dad went to the post office to pick up our mail this morning but my package wasn't there. I would like to know what I should do cause I never had a problem with usps, they normally update and have never lost my packages before. Thanks.
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    Sometimes the USPS does not scan the package. Also, it is possible the seller has not brought it to the post office. They have only sent the information electronically. Once the new week starts (and Monday is a holiday) and if it still hasn't updated, then contact the website or seller and ask if they happen to know where the item is within USPS, see what they say.
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