Do I go to the staff party or not :( please help?

They are having a staff party at work tonight. My job is a small bar so there are only 2 cleaners and 4 members of staff, there's the boss and his wife, and then all the higher authorities who I don't know but are a lot older than me.

I have only been there 4 months and don't really know any of the staff very well. I get along with the cleaners, but doubt they will go cos they don't like my boss. Also they are a married couple so I might be like the 3rd wheel. The other bar staff are:

A woman aged 40 who will bring her husband along
A woman aged 45 who will bring her husband and kids along.
A girl aged 23, but her mom works there too so they will be together.

Then my boss and his wife who are about 55, with their kids.

I don't really know anyone that well... and only one girl is around my age but I wouldn't feel right just going and sitting with her and her mom. I want friends there and I am going to be bored tonight but... I think it will just be me there by myself, obviously I won't sit at a table I'd probably stand up all night to save being the loner at the table.

So... I shouldn't go right? Because I would look like a loner/loser while they all had people to talk to? And no I can't take anyone :( I don't really have anyone to take lol.
The thing is though I have pushed all my life to boost social skills, I went to University and lived with strangers, I made lots of friends and lived with different people each year to try and push myself more. I also attended college far away, and have even gone out on my own to night clubs etc when I was feeling particularly down about it. There is no curing this so I have kind of learnt to accept it...

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Stop being such a wimp.
This is an opportunity to get to know the other staff better.
It's chance to get to know this girl of your age and become friends.
If you never do anything new you never gain anything.

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