Do I need to include a paper in my ebay shipment?

I've been selling off a few odds and ends around the house, but I've had a question about e-bay shipping that I can't find anything on.

When I order things online they always include a receipt in the box for me (or an invoice, not sure what it's called).

Do I need to include something like that when shipping things I've sold? I really don't see a need, I just have a doubt because everybody else always seems to include something.

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It's called a packing slip and it's useful to include one. Sometimes people order many things and they lose track of what they ordered. A packing slip helps indicate what the item is. eBay has a link that you can click to print the packing slip automatically. You'll find that link in the listing. If you don't see it click the pulldown menu on the right side of the listing.

1 year ago

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PROFESSIONALS include packing slips. AMETEURS do not.

Which do you want your buyers to think you are?

by G - 1 year ago