How do you start a petsitting business?

I am a preteen and im trying to start a pet siting business with my friend cause we love pets and I was wondering how can we make people have interest in our business.

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Is this something you have done before? If so, ask your previous clients if they will give you a referral that you can use to attract new clients. Get business cards and flyers printed up with your name and contact information, and include the referrals on the flyers. Post the flyers in prominent spots around your neighbourhood, and especially close to related shops like pet supply stores (check with the owner and they might let you put one up in the store).

Post your ads for free online on Kijiji and Craigslist. And while you're there, look through the listings to see if anyone in your area is looking for a pet sitter - those people are definitely potential target customers.

And put together a written contract form for your customers to sign. has a good template that doesn't cost much:

It's always advisable to have a signed contract with each customer.

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I would first check for pet sitting websites where you can advertise your business. I would also get some refrences together, as many people will want to know who they are leaving their pets with. Also get out and network and talk to friends and family and let them know what your doing. Word travels fast.

by Adam - 1 year ago