Grand Opening for my new home based business (Adult Novelties)?

I want to have a Grand Opening Party for my new home based business (Adult Novelties) I need some suggestions as to items for the gift bags.

Please Help!

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I take it you already have the number of guests coming, right? Why not chose the least expensive item among the novelties, add a couple votive candles, maybe even some chocolate kisses and tie with a ribbon. Most inexpensive way to do it and they take home a sample of what you have to sell. And if you want someone to host the next one, tell the guests that in one bag is a special surprise in one of the bags. Don't say what it is, (include your business card so they can write down their name, address and date to host the next gathering - get confirmation!), but include whatever your next least expensive item is from your inventory.

This builds upon itself. And if the person who receives the "special gift" doesn't want to host the next one, ask for referrals to someone in her/his circle who may be interested.

1 year ago

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No one is goingto go to your party.
People do not want to buy this stuff in front of others or go to a party for it.

by Silly Goose - 1 year ago

Try that stuff for numbing your throat. That stuff performs wonders! ;)

by AOrange - 1 year ago