Why in this day and age is paypal so slow to deposit money into a bank account?

after funds become available its another 3 or 4 days to et it deposited into the acct once you intiate the deposit. why so long? also are there other sites like paypal? are they as good?

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Paypal is slow because they want to hold on to the money as long as they can because that's how they make money. Remember, Paypal is NOT a bank - and they are not bound by the same rules that banks are. They can do anything they want including holding onto your money for months while they "investigate" something.

Everyone loves Paypal until they get screwed over. Best thing to do is just assume something is going to go wrong and be prepared - don't leave any money in your account, assume getting your money out will take time, and especially don't use it for large transactions or you could find your money tied up for months.

1 year ago