Business Name? Help Please?

Okay, I am enrolling in online courses to get my certification to be a Wedding and Event planner and I really need help coming up with a name for my business when the time comes, multiple suggestions would be great! And thanks in advance for the help!
I will be doing both wedding and event planning. I want a combined yet creative name and I am drawing a total blank because I don't want it sound cheesy.

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The best way is to Google Event Planners and see their names. That will get you going. Also look up logo images. Bing is also a good way to do a search. Then think about the image you want to project. Your "specialty" as most people click with things like that. Do some for a low or almost free consultation- you get experience and photos for your portfolio (so important- a pic speaks for itself) that way. By that I mean of course they should pay expenses but not for "you". Start scrapbooks of ideas for helping with styles etc. Get your office set up even if its in a box. Clean, professional, polite, expedient!

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Rather premature to do it. Why?

a) Wedding Planners - need romance, love in the names.
b) Event planners - Many categories - Seminar/conference organisers, exhibition organisers, party organisers, fashion event organisers etc.

Until you know the area within the industry that you want to do, I think it's not quite the time to do this yet. Finding a name is the easiest thing to do. Finding a forte - toughest thing to do, and that should be the first focus.

by Irene Z - 1 year ago

get in touch with digtaur on facebook. they can help you on getting your business name.

by Ankur Lamba - 1 year ago