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    Did you ever get the chance to go back and fix something you regret?

    A few years ago I was working a start up. It should have been brilliant. The sector was creative and really interesting, a growing market in a beautiful place. I left, not because I didn't think there was a future for the business, but because I couldn't stand the incredibly inflexible boss - he started out reasonable then became a micromanaging tyrant - and what's worse, he didn't have a clue how to do my job, and tried to micromanage anyway! Fast forward to the present day: the two people after me left rapidly and they can't find anyone capable of filling the position. So they are selling the company. My boyfriend and I have a nest egg that we were going to spend on furnishing the house we hope to move into this year. He suggests using this to buy them out. I really want to. It has been heartbreaking over the past two years to see my "baby" destroyed - you see, the company belonged to them but I was running it, they have two other businesses which pretty much occupied all of their time and still do. I think it can be saved. The website still gets lots of hits. They gat plenty of business requests. Nobody is looking after it though. What do I do? Risk it? Take the safe road, or the plunge? Right now I have a stable job in a big corporation... but it is soul destroying cubicle hell.
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    My advice is go for it or you will forever wonder what might happen. Your boyfriend needs to keep his job so you have a stable income. Go to your local business advice centre to get any available advice. This assumes you can always get another soul destroying cubicle hell job if things go belly up ( a reasonable assumption if you have good references )
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