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    Is it possible to make good money flipping websites?

    Would this still be profitable with flipping websites as a business? Considering to try to make money flipping websites. as I have limited time to work on each website if i bought a used website. would it still be profitable to hire a web developer/design and help make site better. more less get them to work with site. I know it cost more to have someone else do it? but would it still be possible to turn a profit doing this method?
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    There are so many unknown variables to give a straight Yes or No answer. If you know what you are doing, focus and stay committed to making a good profitable website. Then you should be able to sell it for 12-36x monthly profits. If turns out to be good business all depends on the amount of money you spent making the website. But once you have a money maker, then it is usually not optimal to sell it. Then its a keeper for ongoing residual income.
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    • There's a big need for this depending, so yes, but no too. Many people underestimate good web design and design in general. They don't think it matters because they don't like spending the money on it. On the other hand, a bad website can deter clients, make the compsny look bad, and ignore digital media engagement. It's like going to the doctor. Do you want a doctor that just sees you, or do you want a doctor that can make you better?

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