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    k i ordered 7 things on ebay but one thing i forgot to do is change the address i was supposed to get one of my items today but i didn't i checked the the tracking information it said notice left but i did not get a notice or anything i then checked that i had the old address on ebay now im panacing i called my friend that used to be my neighbor when i lived in the other address to ask his new neighbors if they got a notice and they did not what do i do will i get all my items? the package has my sister first and last name with the old address do you think i will get my items?
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    Id try calling them explaining the situation and then asking if theyve got it. Wherever usp is stationed near you. Never had to do it but imagine it can be done. Ive got packages when ive moved that got to the right address & said notify sender of new address. & have also had it sent back to the return address. Both happened during the same move period. Best of luck!
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    • First off it's UPS. Secondly, if the other items weren't delivered yet, you can go onto the UPS website and ask them to reroute the shipments to a different address. As far as the one that they tried to delivery, you'd have to call UPS with the tracking info and prove your identity.

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