How to get Square Enix to read my ideas and story?

I've an idea of a story that I am currently working on that seems to fit into the kind of games or stories Square Enix develops. It's mind blowing and takes a lot of thought to figure out how everything came to be, kind of like Kingdom Hearts. I searched up how to send in a story and I read on their site that they do not want any "unsolicited" ideas sent to them. But i really want them to take in my idea or at least consider it. >.< My dream has always been to be able to work with him since I first played their games in early middle school, and since then I've been inspired to write and create fantasy and yet modern like stories. The one I am doing now has taken so much time, and I don't want it to go to waste. I've been drawing anime and their style of art for even longer, and I think it is just close to perfect. I want to be able to make the most out of it. . . Is there any way they could consider reading it when I am done?

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First off,Square Enix is a Japanese developer which is your first problem.For them to even read it,it would have to be in Japanese.Next,there are people who actually work for Square Enix whose job is to come up with new ideas.By trying to send in your idea,you would be taking away from somebody's job.Third,how old are you?If you're younger than mid 20's,they won't take you seriously because you are young and their are older people who can come with ideas for them who major in creative writing and it is their professional job to do so..Lastly,think about how many other people want Square Enix to notice them and read their idea.Your probably not the only one and what makes your idea so great compared to any body else's?

Sorry to be so harsh,but it is what it is.Your best bet is to try to get noticed by an American company,but your chances are still slim.If you want to work for Square Enix in the future I would suggest learning Japanese since they are a Japanese company.Also if you're not in college yet,try to major in creative writing or something along those lines because no one will higher you as a story writer or editor without having a degree or gone through higher education on the subject.

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