If I go to college for finance will that also benefit if I plan on becoming an entrepreneur?

I plan on going straight to college after high school for finance but my dream is to own my business I will be getting a degree in finance will this benefit in becoming a business owner once I graduate college I would like to purchase my small business.

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Any college business degree (management, finance, accounting, etc.) will be beneficial as an entrepreneur because you will be required to take the basics of entrepreneurship as mandatory classes no matter what your major is in. Specifically a finance degree will certainly help you in many aspects of owning your own business and running it but there are many more questions that need to be asked to determine if that is the right path for you. For instance, I own a small business consulting firm, I have a B.S. in small business management as well as a M.B.A in Professional investment management (finance). This is particularly helpful because as a business owner I not only need to know the financial aspects but also marketing, accounting, customer service, etc.
Depending on what type of business you want to own depends on if you should specialize in that particular field or specialize in how to run any type of business (entrepreneurship). If you already know what industry you want to open your small business in and are very familiar with that industry already (as most entrepreneurs are) I would recommend to focus more on entrepreneurship and management in college so that you can learn the foundation principles of running a business first and rely on your personal expertise for the industry specific knowledge.

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Of course it will help you. It will teach you a lot about money and economics.

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