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    Do I need special FedEx envelopes/boxes when shipping books with FedEx?

    Hi, I have to ship a book through FedEx tomorrow which was sold through eBay. Normally, I purchase a supply of thick envelopes and use that to ship books through usps media mail but I'm not sure if I can do the same with FedEx. Can I use my own envelopes with a FedEx shipping label? Alternatively, do I just take my book and shipping label to FedEx and let them take care of packing everything with their own supply of boxes/envelopes?
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    you can use your envelopes or you can use fedex their suppliesare free anyway plus you can go to fedex they can make sure your package is correct
    a few seconds ago

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    • Just take it to a FedEX Office location. They will wrap it and everything for free. You just pay the shipping cost.

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