How do I ship books with Fedex?

Hi, I need to ship a book I sold on eBay but this time I have to do it through Fedex. Normally I use usps media mail as that is what I'm familiar with. I don't know how the process works with Fedex. Can someone help me with this.

The buyer for some reason wants Fedex

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Well first you need to print off the label that ebay should have given to you to ship it. Then all you do is take it to fedex and they can pack and ship it up for you.

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The easiest way, is just to go to a FedEX Office store and let them mail it out.

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why does it have to be fedex? they dont offer any media type rates. it will be shipped as regular ground/home delivery. all you need is to know the weight and dimensions of the package to purchase the postage on ebay. otherwise you can go to fedex/kinkos and they can charge you for it

by Pink Donut - 1 year ago