can i track a package via ' royal mail international signed for '?

hi! my aunt live in london!

there are some belongings of me with my aunt!

she is hoping to send that package to me and i am in sri lanka.

if she use ' royal mail international signed for ' will the post office,she and i be able to track the package untill it goes to it's destination in Sri Lanka?

is there any other better shipping method in royal mail which is trackable??

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It will be tracked at the Mail Centres and in the UK and at the Post Office. However, once it has left the UK it is no longer a tracked service so there is no guarantee you will be able to track it once it arrive in Sri Lanka.

However, once you sign for it your Aunt should be able to see your signature once the local Post Office have scanned it as delivered.

Between the UK and Sri Lanka there is no Government service where items can be fully tracked, she would need to use an International Courier service like UPS or DHL to do that.

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