How it's like working @ 99 Cents Only Store?

I'm 19 and desperately need a my first job to build up my resume. I'm not attending college because I can't afford it. There's a new store that just opened and now hiring. I've read reviews about working there and it's hell. Low pay, treated like they own you, laid-back, slack-off do whatever, no ones watching you. I'm planning to work there not very long until I find a better job. I really want to be the stocker, I know usually the womens are the cashiers. Is it easy to get the job? Weekly pay? really? I guess that's fine with me. Tell me how you got the position.

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My wife worked at a dollar store and really hated it there. First of all, it didn't pay weekly. It paged biweekly and the hours were not enough to even cover the gas to come and go to work.

1 year ago