What Small Businesses can i start with a bike?

Can anyone please list jobs i can start with my bike? I got it for Christmas and well, im using whats around me! :D So thankyou
Im 13 and im a girl, and i live in a really modern city, in California, and i don't know one place that gives 13 year old's a job, im doomed o-o"

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You can be a newspaper girl. Or you could bake and go around selling cupcakes. You can also do neighborhood chores like get stuff for people and charge them for the deliveries.

1 year ago

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delivery boy for pizza or cakes etc

by Mr.Karachi - 1 year ago

Start an errand and odd job service for the elderly people in your neighborhood. Print up flyers on your PC and hand them out to your neighbors. If business picks up, hire some of your friends to help you.

by Henry - 1 year ago