My friend has a small business as a home chef. She is posting photos of her gourmet food to her blog?

She uses this blog to advertise her business. She is spelling gourmet "gormet." Should I tell her? I know I'm supposed to overlook that stuff, but she's selling herself here.
To clarify, she didn't ask for my help. She posted some preliminary stuff to her personal Facebook page.
I'm chickening out and hoping that she uses a word processing program with a built in spell check.

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Tell her.

1 year ago

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Yeah, it's just a little spelling error, she shouldn't get mad if you correct it.

by IVAN - 1 year ago

You should definitely tell her

by Casey Y - 1 year ago

Tell her it's spelled "gormay".

by SSF Tofudebeast - 1 year ago

I'd correct her and keep an eye on her spelling of Welsh Wabbit.


by OURScott - 1 year ago

Just for fun, call her on the phone and see if she's also pronouncing it "gormet."

But seriously, do tell her, before she loses business over it.

by Sara - 1 year ago