Is this illegal/fradulent at in a retail/tanning salon enviorment?

So, I'm trying to get an assistant manager position. My manager basically wants two girls to get it, because they get drunk together and will watch her do illegal/fradulent things and won't say anything. I speak up when I see things are unethical are wrong.

Long story short, my sales were high today. The other girl that wants to be assistant was cussing and telling my manager, I want good sales so I can be your new assistant. I over heard this.

My manager then said, I'll void out the stuff I sold earlier and put it under your name so your sales will be better than hers.

Sorry about all the typos.

I'm tired.

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It depends on where you work.

If this is a large national chain with stores everywhere, I would contact corporate headquarters and let them know what is happening. DO NOT MENTION IT IN ADVANCE TO ANYONE. Provide PROOF of what happened, and corporate should be able to confirm it in their system.

If this is some small mom and pop store, talk to the owner, and be prepared to quit (or be fired), or for nothing to happen.

It's not illegal what was done, but it's probably a violation of the company policies.

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An employer can promote anyone they want - as long as it's not based on race, religion, gender, etc.

i don't know why the manager would bother voiding the transactions - she can promote the other person, because she likes her better.

Go find a job that is not so high school.

by A Hunch - 1 year ago

ACL - Meaning: Accept, Change or Leave.

If you can't accept it, or change it, then leave...

They're obviously very scandalous and will do whatever it takes to get what they want.
Based on your aptitude and skills, you'll be more successful somewhere else.

Leave the drunks there and go work at the competitors if you're truly interested in tanning.

by Coleman - 1 year ago