Ideas for a crafting business name?

My sister and I are starting a "business" online. We are also making a Facebook page and we wanted some ideas on names. We will be making bracelets, necklaces, bows, baby stuff, basically arts and crafts. These will be premade as well as custom orders.

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I would go with something catchy, simple, and easy to remember. And I would take advantage of the fact that the two of you are sisters. How about "Sister Smiles" or something like that. Since you have a variety of items, you don't want to really be stuck with a name that will only let people know some of the work you do, so you need to have a much broader appeal. Also, whatever you decide on, make sure the name is available with your state so you don't start doing business under an assumed name only to find out someone already has that name.

My favorite sister business name is a company in Europe that sells dollhouse stuff. It is run by two sisters and it is called, "The Silly Sisters."

1 year ago

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Ehow gave several suggestions on how to name a crafting business:

1. Use a name which has special meaning to you like your first name, last name, initials, business partners name, moms name or any names that you and your sister likes
2. You may also include your location in naming your business like street, building or city your business is located
3. You may also add an adjective to add more fun like Superb Pottery and so on.


by Aileen - 1 year ago

i would suggest something memorable and related to the feelings "sis-pearls" or "Sisterz craze"

by Brandon - 1 year ago