i am starting a cleaning service. how much is reasonable to charge?

i am starting a cleaning service and im trying to get an idea how much to charge. and im sure this is going to vary depending on the area in which we all live. asking opinions on how to quote. but my first is trying to figure out how to quote residential houses. i have tried to call maid services in my area and no one will give me a quote over the phone.

for basic cleaning service. based on a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living/dining area, and kitchen. also a two person team. so 2 hours give or take. im looking to start my pricing at $75 a visit. is this reasonable?

should i keep that rate even if its a first time clean? its going to take us more time obviously for a first time clean. but maybe if we didnt change the rate for the first time clean it would be like the customer is getting a discount for trying us and continue to use us weekly or bi weekly and so on?
i am in rockford illinois.

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As Casey stated, you need to go in for a quote before you tell a customer a set price for your first visit. Most places I went through came in and asked me exactly what I wanted done. If your customer wants the tracks of their windows detailed along with the cracks between tile, you might need to charge extra for the detailing or equipment used as well as the man hours needed.

10-20$ per person per hour as stated above would be GREAT! Around here, they charge more than double that. As for first cleaning, most places did offer a flat 100-150 for the first cleaning regardless of time spent. This way they could prep themselves for the future visits without me worying about spending a fortune on my first cleaning.

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$10-20 per person per hour of work. I think $60 is more realistic for the example above. Obviously, this varies dramatically by region and even within a given city, where are you located?

You would need to have them come out to your place to quote you, which will still cost you nothing.

by Casey Y - 1 year ago