Unpaid Item Assistance?

Someone ended up not paying for an item they won and should i just open the case myself or have unpaid item assistnace do it? Just wanna know what is the better way of doing so. Its so rediculous when people don't pay for stuff they bid on and don't even reply to emails. UGH!
She messages me to say she found one for cheaper. She shouldnt have bid on it in the first place.

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I assume you're discussing eBay and not another auction site.

In order to get your final value fee back you have to open up a case and let it go through. If the buyer doesn't pay and doesn't reply to the action, then you'll get your final value fee back. Then you should relist the item. If it sells, make sure you contact them to get the listing fees refunded due to the fact that it was a relist on an unpaid item. If it doesn't sell you don't get your listing fees back.


1 year ago