Am i too young to start a business?

I just turned 15 and i really want to run a business. I am not sure what kind of business yet but a small one. i think it would be fun and a great opportunity. Am i too young or do i need to wait a year?

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Go for it! Even if you try anf fail you are better off having learned. Otherwise when you are older you will kick yourself "why didn't I..." So as long as there are no legal age restrictions then you are not too young.

1 year ago

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Hell no, go big or go home. You go girl!

by Katie - 1 year ago

STarting your own business has nothing to do with age. If you want to start a business, do it. It's a great learning experience. Read the biographies of famous businessmen and women--they start young and learn from it, then go on to make their way in the world from those experiences.

by Christin K - 1 year ago

Oh, no, you are never too young. Experience is what counts. So, if you start a business this year, you will have a years experience next year. Good luck.

by garylee - 1 year ago

No definitely not! My friends started one in P7 and have made good profit. They are now 14 and have continued it! I am also trying to start one myself and I'm 13

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by general_ - 1 year ago

Zuckerburg, Steve Jobbs, Gates, the kids who made google out of their garage. They didn't wait, why should you? (: Good luck and go big.

by Jeff - 1 year ago