What is a good way to make money without getting a job?

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inherit it ?

by nickipettis - 1 year ago

IF you have cool stuff, sell it on ebay. any cool collections or things that you knw people would be interested in. Make a youtube account try to get subscribers if you think thats your gig. But really making money without a job would be hard, because you have to offer something to others in order to make money.
Mark out a plan of what you can do. Think about your abilities in such areas as: Craft, Woodwork, Delivery, Cooking, Babysitting, Dog walking, etc.
Find something online that might pay money. It's important to be safe when giving out your information online. However, there are plenty of safe, reputable companies that use the internet to help people like you make money.

Answer surveys on websites. Some companies will pay you to answer surveys in order to get feedback on products.
Sell things. You can use sites like eBay and Amazon to sell old junk you don't need or want anymore.

Find someone who needs help. Things such as babysitting, pet sitting, car washing or cleaning are all great ways to earn money fast. Put up signs in your neighborhood or talk to your parents and neighbors to see if they know anyone who needs help.
Look up medical tests. Universities, hospitals, and medical and dental clinics often pay people to take medical experiments. These range in price from as little at $5 gift cards to thousands of dollars. If you are under 18, you will need a parent's permission to take part in medical testing.

Be sure evaluate the risks of the experiments you are signing up for. Medications and psychological experiments could have long term consequences that might not make it worth it.

Cut people's hair. If you know how to cut hair, set up an impromptu hair cutting chair in the park or at your school. You might need permission for this and you should only do this is you can satisfy your customers or else you might receive a bad reputation.
Paint pictures or do crafts that you can sell. Do chalk drawings, make blankets, or create key rings that you can sell online or to friends and family..
Do street performances! Find a place where it is legal to perform (many streets ban performers) and play an instrument, sing, do improv, or recite poetry. Accept donations and tips.
Learn to trade on the financial markets (stocks, bonds, Forex, futures, options). Learn all that you can by looking it up online first and attending any free seminars that they offer. This requires at least $2,500 to set up.
Give massages. If you know how to massage, offer massages to family members and friends for a small donation.


by Lena - 1 year ago

sell your stuff yard sale do chors collect recycleling

ask for money parents friends people

find it

best wey is get alittle job like chors or walking dogs babysitting cleaning neighbors yards helping neighbors friends family

or sell your stuff on craigslist or ebay

if your old enough or get help from adult


by Arthur - 1 year ago


Social Media is a great and free way to make money online.Every business is trying to get attention on Social Media sites and get more fans,likes,tweets and followers.
You don't need any previous experience, just a knowledge about how to use Social Media sites.

by Muhammad - 1 year ago