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I am looking for some advice and direction for a business start up in information assurance/cyber security. I am currently an employee for the DOD as an information assurance manager and work with computer security (vulnerability scanning/penetration testing/system patching) and see that there is a HUGE need for this type of work in the DOD and other agencies. I have a business degree and understand the fundamentals of business, but how can I start taking these ideas and developing a concrete plan?

I know two other individuals that are very proficient in cyber sec/IA and all have aspirations of starting a small business....Can anyone out there please provide me with some ideas or direction on how I can approach this business? Thank you very much!

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What kind of business degree do you have? Usually developing a business plan is part of a business education because that is where you start, with a plan. You have an incredible "in" as you already work for the DOD and can gain knowledge of what exactly they are looking for when you respond to a RFP. A RFP (request for proposal) is how you would get government business. DOD states what they need and companies respond with a proposal (how they would meet the need and how much it would cost). You may have to be a pre-approved vendor, for example, I doubt that many companies that do business with Iran would also do business with the DOD. Find a book on business plans or a link, and give some though to how you would provide he cyber security. Also consider you might need to work some time (years) without a government contract, maybe not because the government does some awfully stupid things but contracting with a company that has no history of doing business is really beyond awfully stupid.

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Ryan, be it good or bad or whatever but there is a HUGE difference in selling [providing solutions]
to any gov body [aka military] and small biz. YOU can provide instant benefits to small biz on the spot but
military and gov bodies want months to years to determine if their needs are met by YOUR offerings--thus, their need for your RFP docs.

--I suggest a different approach to using your skills--

in your biz plan for starting and growth--start with a web site design firm [even working with me, perhaps!]
and compete with Guru, or Ebay, etc.

quick consumer acceptance or refusal.

when you have reached a company value of 3-6M [huge consistent sales] THEN, add dept
B, sales to [again, providing benefits to] gov and military.

that way, you won't sink while waiting

by kemperk - 1 year ago