Starting my own HR Consulting Business- ideas how to get clients?

I live in a major city and I have several years of experiece in HR; I recently decided to start my own practice, but things seem to be moving slower than I had thought.

I am writing articles for several career-related websites, for increased exposure, and recently adverstised my business in an industry newsletter, with no result,

How effective is networking, and what was your best approach towards it, when trying to get clients?
How long do you think it should take before I become more known and actually get a client?

Thank you for your help!

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Networking is very effective, consider it advertising in person. If you are in HR, consider, you the closer you are to human contact, the better your chances, phone call better than e-mail or fax, personal meeting better than phone call. If someone sees your advertising they can just turn the page, if you are in front of them you can ask for an appointment, ask for a card, follow up, ask who in the organization to talk to. Another thing I would do in your position is I would ask for informational interviews with small but successful HR companies. Say you are writing an article for one of your websites and you were thinking of doing an article on the rise of the company, ask to speak to a head honcho and ask how did they build their client base and any other questions you feel will help build your business.

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