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    Online retail business targeting US-based customers?

    Good day everyone. I am planning to start an online retail business targeting US-based customers. But the situation is I am not a US citizen and I live outside US. My target customers would be US Americans and I am also looking to have my product done by a manufacturer in the US. I am planning to have everything done online, technically, there will be no office or headquarters for my business. Just my good old laptop and strong internet connection. My questions are: -Do I have to register my business in the US? Or do I register it in the country where I am currently residing? Note that my product will be made in the US and will be shipped to my potential customers in the US. -If in case I have to register it in the US, what are the necessary licenses and permits I need to apply for? I have read that these vary according to state. Additional info: I am also not a citizen of the country where I am currently residing. I'm an expat in short. Your answers would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to share your knowledge if you're on the same boat as I am. Thank you.
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    It depends about your activity in and towards USA. In generally you don't have to register in USA, but if you actively market to USA, then you need to follow USA regulations regarding the marketing and selling to there. If the product is made in USA under your company, then you probably must register to USA. It depends about that do the officials consider you having presence in USA or not.
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