Where can I find grants for inventions?

I filed a provisional patent for a safety invention I made for the military. I'm currently working with a prototype development firm to manufacture the prototype, but the cost is $6,000. I don't have that kind of money, so I've been looking for opportunity grants to help pay the cost. People tell me that I would need a job to be qualified (I'm currently in college and cannot work), but I've read many stories where people have received money to start their business who didn't have a job at that time nor any promise to return revenue.

With that said, if anyone can send any links that can help me fund my invention, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Go to and and pitch your idea.

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You have a serious problem if you believe you "filed a provisional patent", since there is absolutely no such thing. There is a "provisional patent application", but it is not an application for a patent. You have to file the application for the patent within a year of filing the provisional application, if you don't want to lose your priority filing date for any invention you disclosed in the provisional.

Also, what do you mean, "made for the military"? Do you mean you worked for the military when you made it for them, or that you were contracted to make one for them independently? Either way, there are certainly good questions about who would OWN the rights to any resulting invention, patentable or not.

What an independent inventor would often do is file a provisional, then use the "patent pending status" to carefully discuss the invention with potential investors who would PAY for the further development and PAY for the actual patent applications. You certainly don't need a prototype before you file a non-provisional patent application.

What you probably need is a long talk with a registered patent attorney in your neighborhood.


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