How to Hold Ebay Seller Accountable?

I ordered a package on ebay.
It never came.
My neighbor said she saw the package on my door step then it disappeared.
I think someone stole it off my door step.
I tried contacting the seller and they keep ignoring me.
So I filed an ebay complaint and nothing happened.
Ebay did not send me any confirmation of the complaint.
If I call the ebay phone number they refer me to their website.
Ebay obviously does not want you to talk to a real person.
What do I do?
The post office said the package was insured.
If the package was insured then I don't know why they can't send me another one.
The post office won't do anything to help me at all what so ever.
They said to contact the seller which I have.
I contacted me apartment manager and she knocked on everyone's door asking if they knew what happened to my package.
What can I do now?

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If the package was insured, then the seller can get their money back from the Post Office. That doesn't affect you in any way.

You will need to pursue your complaint with eBay and with Paypal. Contact them again. If you didn't get any confirmation that you had filed a dispute, then it seems like it wasn't filed properly.

1 year ago

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Explain to me exactly how the seller is responsible for someone stealing a package off your doorstep? Why are you trying to blame them? Do you always look to pin your problems on someone else, not matter how obviously stupid it is?

Smart people have private mailboxes or P.O. boxes.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago