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    Was this time to cut and run?

    I am a carpet cleaner. I used a machine that takes 12 gallons to fill up. I start filling it at the kitchen sink. One 20 amp outlet there. The machine needs a 20 amp outlet plus a separate 15 amp outlet. In the case of the 20 amp, I like to keep it at 25'. In the case of the 15 amp circuit, I'm OK with 50'. I only use very heavy 12 gauge cords. So I am filling and looking for my 2nd circuit. Literally, a teaspoon of water hits the kitchen floor. OK, maybe two teaspoons. Definitely not an ounce of water. The homeowner comes in, freaking out. "Oh my God! I have rotten wood under the floor there! You can't get ANY moisture on that spot!" I'm think the 130 lbs of machine and 90 lbs of water can't exactly be good news either. Good thing I had not per-sprayed the carpet yet. I send the fresh water already in the machine to the waste tank and from the waste tank the auto pump-out goes to the kitchen sink. "Oh my God! I prepare food in that sink." The water is clean. I get out of there as fast as I can. The customer says "aren't you going to clean my carpets?" I just say no and get out as fast as I can. Mind you the husband was freaking out, didn't want his carpets cleaned. It was the wife's idea to call me in. They are fighting about it when I get in to measure, vacuum and quote the price. I wasted about 1/2 an hour there, but this was a minefield if I ever saw one. Were they nuts? Were they just messing with me? I start every day at 9am, I have a 9am, noon, 3 pm and if I'm lucky, a 6 pm. Most jobs take 2 hours. There is break down, set up and travel between jobs. That's why I book them 3 hours apart. These people insisted on me coming at 11am, this killed my noon. I was able to get to my 3pm 2 hours early and finish the day with one instead of 3 jobs. Well because of their difficultly, 2 jobs. 9am was "too early" and noon to 3pm would cut into their shopping plans. This is my busy time. I don't have time for this sort of thing. This is the only time I work 7 days a week or after 7pm. If you were me, would you bill them for a visit or just write off the mileage and materials wasted? Thanks.
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    jist wakk away and learn from the experiance. It's not worth it and you will never see a penny anyway.
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