on ebay, if a seller sales an item for 5 dollars?

and the shipping cost is $6.95, does the seller get paid the 5 dollars plus the shipping fees? so what i'm basically trying to say is, who gets the shipping money? does the shipping money the buyer pay go to the seller as well?

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The seller gets the shipping fees. The booger is that ebay has started counting the shipping fees in the commission it takes, so you would end up paying a percentage of the $11.95 to ebay, not just the $5.

1 year ago

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the seller gets the shipping money


by Eagle - 1 year ago

All of the money goes to the seller. Sometimes they overprice the shipping and make the price low so it looks like a deal, but they end up making a profit in the end. So all the money goes to them, they use the money to pay to ship it to you.

by Joshua Howard - 1 year ago

If a seller SELLS an item for $5 plus $6.95 shipping, then the buyer pays $11.95 total.

The seller then pays out of their own pocket to ship the item, because they know they will be getting that money from the seller as soon as it clears through Paypal.

by rtfm - 1 year ago