I want to become a buisness owner, whats the first step?

I want to be my own boss I don't like listening to no one, I'm leaning towards something creative like cake decorating, making diaper cakes for baby showers or even making bows for little girls. Idk maybe even a cleaning business like my uncle's. I look up to people like Kimora Lee.

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Do something your good at.
The selections youve given are all well established business. Unless your in an area where there is little competition, and good paying customers, I would feel you will have a hard time establishing a business.
Go with your dreams, and learn what,and where the competition is.
Do some canvassing, and see what the laws are, and any set up costs, before you venture fully into a business.
If all the figures stack up, and you like what you see, then go for it.
Don't forget, you can't work for nothing. Your ultimate goal with any business is to make a profit.

Good luck.

1 year ago