Ok so I want to open my own candy business..does any one know where i can order printed labels?

the Printed labels that i mean are the ones that staple on the plastic bags? the one that show the name of the company and the name of the candy on both're help is really much appreciated! thanks

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Print your own. You can design and print your own labels.

Now, I'd like to suggest that cost would be a consideration, and if you want sticky labels they cost significantly more than paper would. And if you are going to staple them to the bags anyway there's no need for sticky, or you could use double-stick adhesive. Here's a couple of photos for ideas. And you might just want to do a look at homemade candy bags in a google search - use the source for ideas for your own. You could even bag them with ribbons and just use a small sticky label on the front. I've designed things like that for people and for my own products.

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