How does a 13 year old make quick and easy money?

I might have to start this during the summer but i was thinking pet sitting,babysitting, and dog walks.
Pet sitting: $10.00 a day
Babysitting: $6.00 an hour
Dog walks: $5.00 1 mile

Do those sound like reasonable prices?

Also if i want to work at pet supplies plus do you think they will give a 13 year old a job?

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all reasonable for a 13 year old; also a paper route.

1 year ago

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You sound desperate for money. Dont your parents feed you, or something?

by Unconditioned - 1 year ago

"they will give a 13 year old a job?"

No, of course.

by CKB - 1 year ago

It's hard to get some jobs around your age, so no you probably won't get accepted in the pet shop. Also sometimes owners and parents won't want to pay to much for a 13 year old girl. Some believe they are to young for babysitting. Just be wary :)

by Talia - 1 year ago

well yea Ill pay you to walk my dog 2 miles each day

by ON71N3 G4M3R - 1 year ago