Why do people have accountants?

Can't they keep the books and records or count their money themselves?

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I work in an accounting firm and am a bookkeeper, yet I still have an accountant for my own businesses. There is much, much more to business than keeping books (which accountants generally don't do) and counting money (which accountants don't actually do).

1 year ago

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Why would a business man/woman want to bother with keeping books when he/she can make more money using the time in the business?
Why would you use any professional service when you could do it yourself?

by Raysor - 1 year ago

I used for my business' bookkeeping record. Easy to use, kept things organized. Once you create an invoice it automatically updates your Income Statement. However, I think I still need an accountant for tax purposes. But it is true that natbooks will save me some $$.


by Kayla - 1 year ago