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    Can I get my money back on ebay?

    I sold a laptop on ebay yesterday for £280.00 and the seller emailed that they would pay for it. The next day I received an email from ebay saying that the seller paid for it, but that they wanted me to ship the laptop to Nigeria to their son. I phoned up PayPal about this and they said it is a scam and the seller is trying to scam me. I checked my spam messages and they are from ebay confirming the payment has been sent when it hasn't and I tried to call the seler, but their number is barred. I haven't lost any money, but I can't understand why the seller would go through all that trouble? Is there anyway I can be compensated for this?
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    It's a SCAM - neither Ebay nor Paypal allow ANY transactions with Nigeria Any email you got is spoofed - it's not from Ebay. It's the scammer using a fake email that looks like it's from Ebay Report the buyer to Ebay ASAP as a fraudulent buyer from a country you do not ship to. They have hacked someone's account and want you to ship to an unverified address Scammers always target electronics like laptops 1 -make sure your settings show that you do not ship overseas and state very clearly in your ad that you do not ship overseas. Almost all scam attempts will be from another country 2 - state very clearly in your ad that you will ONLY ship to verified addresses 3 - DO NOT offer Buy it Now on electronic items. Most scammers will use this as their accounts are rarely open long enough to complete the bidding process. If you want a certain price then set a reserve instead of Buy it Now 4 - NEVER give your Paypal address to anyone for any reason. If someone contacts you asking for your address, tell them they don't need it a they MUST pay through Ebay's checkout page. Ebay will refund the final valuation fee if you report the scammer but your listing fee cannot be refunded even if you get scammed
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    • I don't understand why you ask if you can get your money back. You haven't sent anyone any money. The person you're talking about is the BUYER. *You* are the SELLER. The reason the buyer is "going through all this trouble" is because they want you to ship them the laptop even though they have not really paid for it. That's the whole point of a scam -- they are cheating you. Do what eBay says, and DO NOT SHIP your item. Don't even try to contact the buyer. You won't be able to, anyway, because whatever number they gave you is fake.

      by rtfm - 2 hours ago

    • If you haven't lost any money and still in possession of the laptop,there's nothing to be compensated for. Get clearance from eBay so that you can relist it,it's an irritation nothing more.

      by trish b - 2 hours ago

    • (1) When you write "the seller" do you mean "the buyer"? You are the seller, yes? (2) Compensated for ... what exactly? You still have the laptop. So you want someone to pay for your trouble? I don't get it.

      by Ni mimi - 2 hours ago

    • I don't have idea.. but i think you can

      by Namdeo - 2 hours ago

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