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    I need to know babysitting rates?

    I'm 13, live in maryland, and gonna start babysitting neighborhood kids from 3-9ish no prior experience no clue what my rates should be. Any thoughts?
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    5 an hour for one child and if I am watching more then one child I charge about 5 + 1 or 2 dollars extra per additional child. If you have not done so you should get certified in First Aid and CPR so you know how to handle an emergency. I started watching my neighbors kids when I was about 13 or 14 it was a fun way to make a little pocket money. well have fun and good luck!!! =D
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    Other Answers

    • There is no one rate.

      by David14 - 2 hours ago

    • baby sitting is not a job you are legally aloud to do and for good reasons. by law you should still be being baby sat yourself. If something happened to a child that you where looking after the parents of the child and your parents could go to jail depending on what happend and how a judge feels about it. Why dont you do dog walking or some gardening or something else, anything else!! I know you might not like it but your not aloud to work until you are 14 and 9 months anyway. Think about it this way. if you are not aloud to drink alcohol or smoke then you are definitely not able to look after someones children? if you think you are mature enough to look after children then your actually not

      by rebecca - 2 hours ago

    • Well a daycare usually charges about 3-4 dollars an hour

      by Panion - 2 hours ago

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