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    Is it a good idea to sell some Twinkies on eBay?

    My mom got lucky and found some twinkies at Albertson's (three boxes). I saw how much they were going for on eBay and was like "WOW LET'S MAKE SOME DOUGH!" But will I? I've never sold on eBay before, so I have no history/feedback (I have bought before though). Is it wise to sell them on eBay? When's the best time to do so? I was thinking right before Thanksgiving.
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    So, some of your answers that you have received are partially true. There is some myth that is circulating that there is some warehouse "full of Twinkies" that haven't been delivered. While many of us would hope that would be the case, sadly it isn't. Here's the truth. Hostess stopped production of their goodies weeks and weeks ago. Their plants were running at less than 50% production levels for months, and the supply of goodies they sent out reflects that low production rate. Second, you need to know that Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cupcakes, and the other goodies don't just show up on regular trucks to the stores like some lead you to believe. Some seem to think, for instance, they just show up with the regular freight at Walmart, Target, etc. They do not. Local vendors deliver these products for regional plants. Most retailers haven't received a Hostess vendor visit in weeks. Now, there is a few instances where there were one, maybe two trucks leaving a plant/bakery heading to a vendor, that got turned away once they arrived at the vendor drop-off, but there is no giant warehouse full of Twinkies left. If you peruse the completed listings on eBay, you run a wide range of auction ending prices. There are boxes that go from $10 up to almost $60 in price. These are ending prices, meaning someone bought them at that price. Looking at active listings won't give you a good idea of what they're selling for. Even if you sold a box for $10, you'd still make your money back from your original purchase. They were $4.29 in the stores around where I'm at. I'd sell them now if possible. I'd do a limited time auction, with a low starting point, and offer free shipping. Doesn't hurt to try. But at least now you have a better insight into the truth rather than the myth that people want to lead you on to.
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    • Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(=

      by Emily - 7 hours ago

    • Yes

      by jose - 7 hours ago

    • i would, i can't believe there will be no more Twinkies

      by Tom - 7 hours ago

    • Just because people posted hostess products on ebay for $1000, that does not mean they will sell for that. Unfortunately, hostess products have a very short shelf life. The ones i purchased last night expire on 12/29/12... not really worth much at all. Also, remember that hostess products still exist. There are some that are still at the warehouse and haven't even been delivered to stores yet. So, like me -- I got the LAST box of ding dongs at the store, does not mean I got the last box of ding dongs at the store. The store could get a brand new delivery on Monday or one month from now. OR the union wises up and realizes that yeah, we played a little rough and we didn't mean for the company to shut down... we'll go back to work now and Hostess won't file bankruptcy. Can you post them? Sure... will you make some dough... probably not.

      by A Hunch - 7 hours ago

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