How worth it is it to have a Facebook for a small business?

I've set up a website and I guess what I want most is more traffic. This is not a worldwide business as I really only sell locally, but a large part of the website is going to be content based, so then I would make income off ads. I've just added Google Adsense. I've never had a Facebook before because I don't socialise online (it can eat up hours of time).

Is it even worth getting a facebook for a small business?
thanks for your help. To look at the website if that helps, it is
Yep, the zen cart store opens in a new window to the rest of the website :)

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Here is why you want to have facebook as part of your getting traffic method to your site! It does send you traffic to your site if you do it correctly and it puts your name and what your doing as well out there. What you want to do is make an account and then make a facebook page. There are sites out there that can help you make it professional and some even for free. Then you just update it every day or so like when you have content or have things you want to share post it on your page but the first step is to share it with others and get people to like your page and it's really not hard to do. If you need help feel free to contact me.


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Probably not. Doesn't work for ours. Google is where its at.

by Jeremy - 1 year ago

It can't hurt, and it costs nothing, so why not try?

By the way, your "jewllery" link opens in a new tab. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

by Beowulf - 1 year ago

Fb allows you to send updates immediately. People will
Like the page, then share the page and more
People will see it. Facebook requires
No more than 10 minutes a day. So it can't hurt to have one for your business.

by Gypsy - 1 year ago

Yes, many small businesses in my area offer deals / sales on FB which I think is awesome. I won a free tank of gas from my local gas station.

by jon_mac_usa_007 - 1 year ago