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    How to start getting a lot of babysitting jobs?

    Ok so I'm 14 (girl) and I'm rly needing money in my state I'm allowed to get a work permit at my age so if anyone knows anywhere that I can get a job tht would be awesome But since everyone is gonna tell me I'm too young and i should just babysit or mow lawns or something how can I start getting a looot of customers to babysit? I babysit prob only bout once/twice a month so I know what I'm doing but I only babysit for two families, so how do I get the word out there and get a lot more customers?? So the questions, you only have to answer one if u want u can still get best answer if its good... 1. Anywhere that will hire 14 yr olds (yes it's legel, no one correct me) 2. How to get a lot more customers to babysit? Thannnnks in advance 10 points to best answer:)
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    As long as it's legal i'll give you some suggestions. I'm from a state where you can't work till your 16. As far as jobs a young girl could do I would say being a waitress at a restaurant you know is going to have an ok environment for someone your age or maybe at an office. I answered the phones and filed forms at an insurance agency when I was 16. Librarys and banks are also a great place to start. As far as babysitting goes make business cards! Lots and lots of cards and flyers with tabs. Talk to your local business and gas stations and see if you can put something up there. It works great! You can get free business cards from vistaprint when you make an account.
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    • If you want some money go to apptrailers and enter afgnazer for an extra 15$ :)

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