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    how to really get my art business started?

    i have recently been trying to establish a small art business. i have had a few commissions but i want to know what i can do to get more business. i have started an account on deviantart.com and i would like to start up my own personal website where i can post pictures daily of my progress on various works. can you recommend anything else to help me out? any tips? advice?
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    Hello, I would recommend getting as many social websites with your name on it as possible and make a poster or flyer or business card to promote yourself. I too am trying to start a business. I am a digital media artist. I do graphic design and photography and mixed media. I don't know exactly what you do but work in public if you can. I sat outside drawing a building one day and a man came over and was talking to me about it and turns out he was the high up employee of a big local business and became interested in my work. Word of mouth also travels a long way. Facebook and working out in public is how most of my business starts. Also, papers and anywhere you can stick your name to get noticed. Maybe you could even take things to youtube. Maybe do a time lapse of your work. I did that with some of my design work on a website and logo design and some drawings and it was a big hit. Email me your devientart page if ya like to randomcstudios@yahoo.com. I would be happy to give you a shout out on my studio site or my podcast.
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    • http://www.5quidhost.co.uk do free hosting, then buy a template off template monster I would also join a local business network, local chamber or federation of small businesses, there are also some private ones. you also need to do some marketing, a few free commissions might help if they are of something high profile which would get published in you local paper. You could also invest some money and host your own show, inviting local business people, also offering to paint their businesses. In short, to get more business you have to put yourself out there in view of people and let them know what you do.

      by Chris W - 12 hours ago

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