Sould I stop saying "have a good afternoon" at the end of a business transaction?

Merchants say nothing back to me, when I say "have a good afternoon" at the end of a business transaction. Like they are to good for my business. Fine, I will just walk out and say nothing, you think I should say nothing from now on after a business transaction. Vote:

yes or no


at least shop owners could do is say thank you, or u2

1 year ago - 3 answers

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Y, you should not stop saying that:) It's very polite and they'll remember if you said it even if they don't reply at the time!

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1 year ago

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Just because the merchant's being a jack ass doesntmean you have to stop being polite. I usually tell them to have a good day too! :-)

by Laura4681 - 1 year ago

at first i thought you were the merchant, hell no i don't say anything unless they LIKE THEY SHOULD tell me it first

by ron - 1 year ago